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I am excited to announce I have been invited to become a regular contributor to the Fx365i Blog.  Although I know most of the students who are regulars at the Oceanside campus, I certainly don’t know all of the online traders who are such a huge part of the institute.   So, for those of you I don’t yet know, I’ve been a student at Fx365i since February and am completely obsessed with becoming a highly profitable Forex trader!  I simply cannot imagine doing anything else for “work” for the rest of my life. I do currently have a day job and am very blessed that they understand and support my long-term vision of being a trader.  The student trader lifestyle is not easy, but with their support, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I started a Forex blog about two weeks ago.  The blog, quite frankly, was started out of desperation as I was mired in a terrible trading slump and looking for anything to give me an edge.  The first handful of posts all deal with the slump.  Hopefully bad trading and bad decisions won’t be topics I’ll have to cover on a frequent basis!  My goal goal for the blog is to help, inspire, and learn from my fellow traders.  As such, your comments are always highly appreciated.  I also believe that writing the blog is a way to hold myself accountable on a number of levels.

Side Note: How do you know we’ve got a great leadership team? Well, their reaction to the first post from my personal blog (about how poorly I was trading) was to immediately invite me to put it up on the Fx365i site.  I mean, if that doesn’t tell you these guys are the real deal, I don’t know what will ever convince you. 

So what can you expect from my posts?  They are essentially my trading journal.  Sometimes I discuss technical aspects of trading, but so far the emphasis has been on the emotional intelligence (or lack thereof) that goes into my trading.  Occasionally I’ll just talk about something that occurred on my life and how I’m trying to deal with that incident in my trading.  My hope is that I grow as a trader and a person, I can share bits of my acquired wisdom along the way.

I’ll be posting several entries right away in order to get the Fx365i page caught up with my personal blog.  Don’t worry, I won’t often barrage you with 5 posts within a couple of days!  However, if you have ever experienced an extended trading slump, I hope you will take the time to read these initial posts.  I truly believe you will find either hope, comfort, inspiration, or at least some laughter as you read them.

By the way, if you’d ever like to reach out in a less public forum, please feel free to email me anytime at pipaddict73@gmail.com.

Thank you to everyone who makes Fx365i such an amazing place.


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