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Our new Smart Money Profile software is built on the premise and belief that the big banks and institutions control and manipulate the financial markets to suit their trading interests.

After a relatively short amount of time, anyone who starts trading with Smart Money Profile will soon start to see and experience this manipulation, first hand, and really start to grasp the depth of this insider dominated market.

Every so often there comes a news release showing how the traders at these big banks trading antics have caught up with them and blowing their cover wide open. Check out these excerpts from this story released today.

Manip txt

After reading this excerpt you can see how this manipulation was a coordinated effort by traders who work for the 6 major banks who combined, control about 49% of the daily traded volume in the Forex market.

This kind of activity happens on a daily basis. These traders just happened to get caught this time.

The CFTC even released and example of their chat room conversations they were having as they manipulated the Forex market. Take a look.

Manip chat room

This is just more proof showing that the Forex Markets are manipulated to provide benefits for the few who are in the know. The good news is that there is software like SMP out there designed to track this type of activity so that retail traders can have a chance to capitalize on these manipulated markets.

If you are already trading with SMP software then you’re in the right spot. If you want to learn more about it then skim through www.fx365i.com. It could be an eye opening experience.


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