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Can you believe we are already at the end of January, 2015?  It’s crazy to me that we are nearly 10% through the year already.  I’m taking this as an added source of motivation.  I have lofty ambitions for this year and I refuse to let it slip away.  In the past, around this time of the year, I have seen many people, myself included, allow resolutions and goals to start fading while the mundane starts taking over.  Not this year.  Not this guy.

I’m actively evaluating what I’ve done well and what I’ve fallen short on so far this year.  I make it no secret that I am striving for new levels of excellence in every facet of my life.  As I take stock of where I’m at so far, I’m excited with some of my early results… and disappointed with my efforts on other fronts.  However, there’s no way I’m going to allow myself to get discouraged, or say, ‘Well, I just can’t do it all.”  No. Way.

I’ll quickly share one thing I’m proud of and one area in which I’ve got a lot of work to do.  Starting with the positive, one of my goals involved getting into much better physical shape this year.  I’ve been eating clean, not drinking at all, and working out 6 days a week.  So far, I’ve lost about 8 pounds, and, more important to me, I’m down 2.4% body fat from the beginning of the month.  I know there are other people at the institute that are also determined to get into better shape – keep sticking with it – we got this!!

On a less positive note, I’m very disappointed with my lack of blog posts on this forum and especially in my lack of following through on some social media initiatives I have planned for Smart Money Profile.  Yes, my work schedule has changed.  Yes, working out has eaten into a good chunk of my time.  Yes, blah blah blah blah blah.  Who cares?  I have created a schedule that allows me the time to get these things done.  So far I have failed miserably to stick to my schedule, but I know I can turn it around and accomplish the things I have set out to do.

I believe that the closer I come to achieving excellence in all phases of my life, the better trader I will also become.  Just like in life, there are so many things to balance when trading.  As I teach myself to lead a stronger life, I believe my trading will symbiotically improve as well.  If we’re proud of our intentions, proud of our actions, and proud of the trades we get into, we have no choice but to win.

March on fellow traders – the year is young and it’s our’s for the taking!

I love hearing from fellow-traders.  Please reach out to me at pipaddict73@gmail.com.

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