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“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” – Henry David Thoreau

Years ago I read Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week book, where he shed some light on what he called the “New Rich”, a developing class of people who judged their successes not by their net worth, but in their ability to do what they most wanted, and maintaining high levels of excitement and overall quality in their lives.  He boiled the critical measurements of true financial freedom into just three elements:

  1. TIME – to do the things we want to do
  2. MONEY – to fund these activities and a comfortable surrounding life
  3. MOBILITY – to enjoy these benefits while also having an option-rich and geographically untethered existence


I remember considering the notion of sustaining myself with only four working hours a week as a bit unrealistic, yet I still resonated with Mr. Ferriss’ unconventional and contrarian approach for achieving a satisfying and wealthy lifestyle with a high ratio of satisfaction-vs-effort.  In time this went from being theoretically interesting to all-but-forgotten.

Skipping forward more than a decade later, these ideas have reemerged in in my consciousness as I discovered the Forex and the opening of a whole new universe of possibilities.  I recently re-acquired the book (this time in a digital Kindle format with another 100+plus pages updated by the author) and find myself relating to its narrative in a deeper and more literal way.

Call me an idealistic and foolish dreamer, but I now thoroughly believe that I’ll be generating everything I need to sustain a fulfilling and quite fantastic life with about 4 hours a week of Forex income harvesting (or perhaps 6 hours, until I get the hang of it). Practicing conservative successful trading behaviors and methodically increasing the pip values seem to lead nowhere else.

In the meantime you’ll find me day-in and day-out doggedly pursuing my learning and earning curvaceous Forex journey.  Perhaps in the not-so-distant future, you’ll come visit me as I fulfill adventurous aspirations living in New Zealand.

I should have lots of time to show you around.


by Brian Cutler, Director of WealthSmart, Aspiring Forex Trader and Student at the Forex 365 Institute


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Comments ( 4 )

  • Lisa Medinger says:

    You have inspired me to live in the moment, and to see the future as just fractures in time with infinite possibilities. I am now free to choose my path forward without the fear of a life spent wanting and wishing, but now as a life of creating.

  • Steve Wolf says:

    Awesome content!

  • Todd Carson says:

    Would you (or folks out there) expand on “conservative, successful, trading behaviors?” When I think of ‘conservative’, I think of trend break trades. When I think of ‘successful’, I think of positive trades. When I think of ‘behaviors’, I think of trading no more than 10 times a week or not dragging my stops. What else do you mean by “conservative, successful, trading behaviors?”

    • Brian Cutler says:

      When I wrote it, I was thinking about the totality of what I’ve been taught and what has worked for me taking actions that lead to high-percentage (successful) and low-risk (conservative) position-taking.

      I take control of my exposure in identifying my risk-out BEFORE finding an entry-point, keeping my risk low every time. In this way, it is impossible to take any large losses on individual trades.

      As to identifying high-percentage trading opportunities, I find as I observe the market and learn over time, I get better at this skill (art? science?). I am happy to have reached a point where I now trade positively on a consistent basis. This process will inevitably lead to becoming the 4-Hour Forex Trader I envision.

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