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Whether you’re a business owner or employee, are you being paid what you’re worth? If not, you’ve got two choices. You can keep on keeping on and join the “mass of men who lead lives of quiet desperation” (Henry David Thoreau, 1854), or, you can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, 2015 STYLE.

If you’ve got the vision to see what most people do not see, and, if you’ve got the courage to do what most people will not do, then you’ve got the forward thinking mindset of a person with the solution … literally … right under your nose, right at your fingertips (your computer and keyboard).

To get paid exactly what you’re worth, the answer is to learn the skill that I teach at the Forex365 Institute—currency trading. Why currency trading? Well, for starters, you can use the skill of currency trading to position yourself over the next two years to double or triple or quadruple your income, and, at the same time, cut your weekly work hours down to twenty, and then further reduce it to four. As a currency trader, sometimes you can earn hundreds of dollars of income by the minute. As a lifestyle, this can mean to you more money, more time, more freedom, the good life.

For those of you who are thinking, “Impossible, too good to be true.” … no need to keep reading, I’ll just wish you the best and good luck. (Editor’s Note: It’s OK to be skeptical.  We welcome you to visit us and ask all the “hard” questions.)

For those of you who are still reading, congratulations, you may actually be a forward thinking individual. So, what do you do next? Easy, simple. Contact me by way of my website—pipbusiness.com—so that I can invite you to be my guest at the Forex365 Institute where you’ll see your future unfold in a fast paced, information rich, one hour presentation.

In a nutshell, you’ll see how you can fit being a part-time student into your busy life, how affordable the training is, how a community of fellow students, mentors and teachers are always available to answer your questions and concerns, how 4 trades a week in the $4,000,000,000,000 foreign exchange marketplace can, in time, mean a 4 hour work week.

What you’ve just read is the dramatic life changing BIG PICTURE of currency trading; the good life that the skill of currency trading can bring to you and your family. In the following weeks, we’ll drill down and take a detailed look at all the pieces of the puzzle that, when put together, make you a successful professional Forex currency trader. Yes, I mean all the nitty-gritty stuff—the four trade types that we teach, the indicators and signals that we use, the emotional intelligence mindset that we teach, all and everything that plays a part in becoming a master trader.


Ira Barnes

WealthSmart Instructor


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