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This is a topic that has been… dare I say… exhausted in recent years, and for good reason. The ‘new economy’ as we know it has been a launching point for new opportunities that never existed to generations before now.

While some people these days still have aspirations to work for a ‘good’ company and advance their way up the corporate ladder, anchored in the promise of ‘stability’ and ‘security,’ more people today are recognizing that life today doesn’t have to be the same as it was lived by the generations before us.

Surely, whether it be a byproduct of having a certain nature, or whether the desire arises as a result of being overwhelmed by the ‘real world,’ at some point in our adult lives almost everybody has had the urge to just get rid of it all and get away. The especially wanderlust-y types certainly have felt the urge to maybe take up living in a winnebago and making home a box on wheels. Others have entertained the idea of just missing the flight home from Maui, buying a boat and going into the tourism business. And others yet have different ideas.

If you open up any social media, or even yahoo news these days, its not uncommon to find articles titled, ‘how I paid off 6-figures of student debt while traveling to 58 countries,’ or ‘why I gave up my 6-figure job to travel and am happier than ever.’

While one man’s misfortune can be anothers opportunity, it can be hard to make any type of viable connection between some of the characters in these articles and ourselves. There seems to always be extenuating circumstances that somehow make their dream more obtainable than our own. You know what I’m talking about, the ‘why I gave up my 6-figure job’ guy actually was the founder of a dotcom business that he decided to sell his stake in and has a 7-figure lump sum to invest & travel with now.

Or the gypsy-esque character who has been lost in Asia just happened to be a former editor of a travel magazine who also happened to run a multi-million subscriber blog that they just happened to decide to put more attention into and voila, success and traveling is theirs.

So for the rest of us, who don’t already have assets to liquidate, or a business that already operates online, but still have the same dream to just leave it all behind and travel the beaches of Mexico in a van, or head on down to Australia and motor from the rough coasts of west Oz to the opera houses of Sydney, what do we do?

Well, we go to school at the Fx365 Institute, and we learn how to trade the FOREX. It just so happens to be the biggest financial market in the world, it moves up and down every single day, and you can trade it in both directions in just about any currency/country you like. You need some know-how, a computer, charts & internet and with a little pain, sweat and tears, it just might be the thing that sends you on your very own lifetime sabbatical!

by Payton Parnegg


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