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Sometimes, taking the time to continue mastering trading is frustrating.  Early mornings, little to no initial return, doubt, frustration… why keep going?

If for no other reason, for the power of part time.

Depending on each of our socio-economic status’s, we all have a number in mind that would help supplement our lifestyle or create financial independence.  This is why we start a project like learning to trade.

Almost all of us however, come to the table with some type of linear income formula that we have developed from working traditional jobs for most of our lives.

So we start trading optimistically, and after a while, based off of our linear income formula, we start to question if this is a good exchange of time after a few weeks or months.

In the traditional environment of earning income, 40, 60, sometimes even 80 hours a week is an adequate work load.  This is because of the way that due compensation for skills & or labor are compensated in the marketplace.  In order to meet the monetary necessities of life, it requires sacrificing that much time to get to the bottom line.

However, if a boss of yours said, ‘I only have 15 hours of work per week for you.  The first year, I can’t pay you, you actually have to pay me.  The second year, I can pay you back what you paid me the first year.  Every next year after that, I will double the previous years pay with no limit.’

If understood correctly, this is a proposition any rational person would take.  It would mean almost guaranteed riches inside of a decade.

If you take a step back for a moment, realize that this is exactly the proposition you have in front of you with learning to trade.  The only difference is that the ‘boss,’ is actually you.  And there is no guarantee, just like life.

So the real question is, are you putting forth the type of energy and effort with the enthusiasm that you would have if you were showing up to work for the boss with the guarantee?

Part-time or full-time, if not by doing this, how do you anticipate getting to a point where you can ever earn income in quantities greater than the hours you are investing?

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