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This is a question that is worth investing some time and thought into because depending on how you answer this question, it may have an impact on your overall success as a trader.

When you first enroll in a trading education program like the Forex365institute, even if you have already been trading for some time on your own, it is assumed that you are at a point where you want to ‘learn’ how to trade.

As you move along with your education and start to develop an understanding for how you want to trade, it can be easy to have an ongoing sentiment that you don’t know what you are doing.  This is likely because even when you are an ‘expert’ trader, you will still lose 10-50% of the time.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that excellence is territory where there are no longer errors made.

What if I told you that this very thought could be THE #1 thing that is holding you back?

My challenge for you, is to identify for yourself what constitutes ‘knowing’ how to trade?

-Does it mean being able to observe market conditions?

-Does it mean being able to observe market conditions and plan trading setups?

-Does it mean being able to observe market conditions, plan setups and execute a trade?

-Does it mean, observing market conditions, determine a setup & execute observing risk?

The point is that there may not be an exact answer, but having a clear definition can help you measure how close you are to ‘knowing’ how to trade.

Under the law that the subconscious mind believes what we repeatedly tell it, if we for years are telling ourselves that we are ‘learning how to trade,’ then this insinuates that we in fact, don’t yet know how to trade.

The sooner you can become more specific about what you need to improve, what it is that you already know 100%, the sooner you will be able to move the checkers forward and accomplish your goal.

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