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The ‘hustle’ is a real part of everyday life in just about every corner of planet earth.

For some, this hustle is a collaborative creative effort to build and broadcast marketing messages, and for others, it is washing clothes in the river and harvesting crops.

At a local level, the economy that exists is setup in a way that for the average working person, looking to earn a profit for goods or services or a wage from work in the market place are put in a position where they cannot usually get ahead after paying for their cost of living.

At a very simple level, the only way to get ahead is to have a means to generate a profit that is considerably larger than the cost of consumption.

For those fortunate enough to live in first world conditions, we typically have an earning power that is dramatically higher than in other parts of the world.  We also however, have a dramatically higher cost of consumption.

WHAT IF, you could earn at your current rate, but consume at a rate 1/10th of your current rate.  Would that put you in a position to succeed financially?  Perhaps would you live a life of leisure?

I am absolutely not the first person that has had this thought, nor am I the first person that has had the thought to go to a foreign place that has a much lower cost of living.

The challenge almost everybody has is that unless you have a residual income, pre-existing wealth of some type, or a social security check, the thing keeping most people from participating in this idea are the logistics of earning any type of relative wage overseas.

Trading FOREX could be your means to an end.  Earn profits in any currency of your choosing, earn them from your laptop as long as you have good internet, and live your life as you choose.  Paradise awaits!

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