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I had a great conversation this last week at the Fx365i Open house with one of our students about the similarities of trading and the game of golf.

We joked about how at times, trading can be so frustrating just as is the game of golf, but metaphorically speaking, you hit that one great shot, and it keeps you coming back for more.

We also drew analogies about how to take your game to new levels, consistency is the real name of the game both in trading and in golf.

Later, reflecting on this conversation, I started to think beyond the kind of jokes and laughs we had and started to consider the question, ‘what is it that happens for some people to be able to achieve the level of mastery required to win a major?’

While we can all agree it is certainly many years of disciplined practice.  It certainly has to do with expert coaching, and there is no doubt that there is some innate talent involved.  The question I also had was, ‘with all of the amazing athletes who have achieved this level of mastery, with the history that the game of golf has, how is it that a rookie or young gun can almost come out of nowhere and dominate a game like the masters?’

The answer as far as I can tell is what guru Tony Robbins would call, ‘channeling something bigger than yourself and playing beyond your current framework.’

While that is a bit of a paraphrase, it became clear to me that if it can happen for people in the game of golf, it can happen for people in trading.  Ask yourself the question of, ‘what would it be like if I just connected with a part of me that could put forth a level of performance so good, that for 24-36 months, I could hold it together and doggedly succeed?’

Under those circumstances, you could change the face of your outward world.  You could have an abundance that few only ever taste.  Dreams would become realities.

While this all may sound fancy and unlikely, allowing the subconscious mind to start to digest the idea of this possibility has a level of profundity that few can deny.

My advice to me, you, and every future trader that steps foot in these doors, is to develop your habits, develop your skills, devote yourself to the game, and prepare yourself to one day play at a level beyond your current framework to achieve what it is that you came here for.

Happy Pipping.

Payton P