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Everybody circle the fire and get ready to belt out some Kumbaya, its motivational hour at Fx365i.

Winning at trading is statistically unlikely.  Before you get all up in arms, lets also note that winning at life is statistically unlikely.  Debt, Sickness, Sadness, Struggle, hardship is around every next corner.  We arguably live in a time where the masses can be classified as morally bankrupt.

With all of this negativity, at the same time there are people in this life, on this planet, today, who are living a life most can only dream of.  A life of financial abundance, emotional fulfillment, health, love and purpose.

If you have ever caught yourself on the bottom side of the arc, its as easy as ever to think that these people ‘have’ something that you don’t.

This is true!  Unanimously however, this ‘something’ that they have, is more attainable to you than imaginable.  More so, it will come as a byproduct of thoughts and actions so seemingly insignificant that you and the people around you won’t even notice the change taking place.

Your crisis, and the crisis of the 95% is a philosophical crisis.  Destitute and despair are born from broken philosophies, and sadly, most of us are conditioned to believe these philosophies are truth.

HEY WAIT!  ‘you said this was going to be motivational!’

It is… If you are not getting the results you want in your life, your trading, your health etc, I challenge you to take inventory of how well you are applying this credo.

Show up consistently, with a good attitude, for a long enough period of time, with faith and a burning desire, be willing to pay the price and operate with integrity.

Every single piece of this is important and in future posts, we will discuss each of these ideas in more depth.

Today lets talk Integrity.  If you take 3 losing trades and 1 winner, for a net loss of -7 pips, do you say to yourself, ‘I took 4 total trades, 3 losses, 1 winner and am down net -7 pips.’  Or do you tell yourself, ‘I took a few trades, nothing great, I’m only down few pips.’

My point is, until you start to view your performance with ruthless, honest integrity, how do you expect to succeed?  Why would you trust someone who does anything less with tens of thousands of dollars or even just  thousands for that matter?  Why should you hold yourself to any less of a standard?

Until next time I encourage you to ponder each of these thoughts and reflect on times in your life that you have done these well, and times you haven’t.

‘It sounds like a lot of work,’ you say…

To which I ask, ‘How’s that philosophy working for you?’