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So you’re getting the point.  You’re acting with Integrity, you’re showing up consistently, but something’s missing.  The dots just aren’t yet connecting.

What could you be doing wrong?  Well, per deductive reasoning, its time to have an AC… No, not air conditioning, but an ‘Attitude Check.’

If you recall, there is a formula that we have been discussing.

Show up, consistently, with a good attitude, for a long enough period of time, with faith and a burning desire, be willing to pay the price and operate with integrity.

  So what does having a good attitude have to do with anything?

Well when it pertains to trading, once you start to get past learning the in & outs technically speaking, 90% of your success is going to depend largely on your mindset.

To make this point, I will use a sports analogy.  Remember, in baseball, you can essentially strike out 6-7 out of 10 times, and still get paid millions of dollars.

Have you ever noticed that for the most part, when one of these .300 + hitters strikes out, they don’t usually mope their way back to the dugout, kick rocks, and cry about their performance.

They typically accept that they struck out, and continue playing their game, knowing that its just a matter of odds that the next time they step up to bat, they may in fact get a hit or even hit a home-run.

Now, consider the idea that each time that one of these players misses, they start a conversation in their head that says, ‘I suck, I don’t know if I’m ever going to be a worthy baseball player, I need to consider other career options… wah wah wah.’

This is not their winning strategy.  They go back to the dugout, play their game, go to practice, hone their skills, and the greats tell themselves a story that sounds more like, ‘I am a champion.’

Your TRADING game needs to be approached the same way.  The story you repeatedly tell yourself, will make the difference over a long enough period of time.  ANYONE can learn to trade successfully, but not EVERYONE will.  This is not because the technical skills are too hard to learn, but that the emotional skills sometimes can be.

There are countless ways to develop a winning attitude.  Study the greats, in sports, in business, in life.  Read the FOREX 365 INSTITUTE Trading Journal.  DECIDE now how you want to manage a losing day and how you want to celebrate a winning performance.

And last, realize that this is a muscle that you must exercise repeatedly in order to be strong.

Until next time, happy Pipping.  For more information visit www.forex365institute.com.