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Show up, consistently, with a good attitude, for a long enough period of time, with faith and a burning desire, be willing to pay the price and operate with integrity.

Redundant?  Maybe.  Necessary?  Absolutely.

We’ve now covered showing up consistently, attitude, and integrity..  Are you doing or modifying these outlooks and behaviors and still hungry for success?

Congratulations, you’re further along than the majority of people.  In fact, one idea that actually can be pointed to as a single success strategy is to ‘observe the masses and do the opposite.’  By now, if you have taken the time to read these blogs, and furthermore to absorb and consider some of the content at a personal level, you are now operating from a framework that is quite the opposite of the masses.

This naturally brings us to enduring ’til the end or for sake of our success mantra, ‘for a long enough period of time.’

So here is the question, how long is a long enough period of time?  As long as it takes.  With a business such as trading, where the tangible result of pursuing expertise comes a long long time after you initially begin, and each individuals path is different from the next, there can be no expectation of a reasonable timeline.  To do so is to set yourself up for definite failure.

Our lead instructor LaCurtis Mayes always says, ‘the only way to fail is to quit.’  Truer words have never been spoken.

This is not a pursuit that shares the necessity of youth that professional sporting requires.  This is not a pursuit where pedigree determines the outcome.  This is a pursuit accomplished and perfected by an adequate dose of ‘elbow grease.’

So for this week I propose, if you have a line in the sand regarding how far you’ll go before you give up trading, erase that line.  Decide here and now that ‘I WILL UNTIL…’  and recognize that no matter how long it takes, trading FOREX profitably, part time, is worth the energy, frustration and tenacity required.

After all, ask anyone in the winners circle if the time it took to achieve their goals was ‘worth it,’ and you may be met with blank stares, because winners may never have entertained another option.

Here is to you staying the course, and erasing your proverbial line in the sand.  Until next time, Happy Pipping.