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Faith.  What does faith mean to you?  For some its a novelty.  Others, a wishful state of thinking, and yet others, something to be found through warship.

How does this pertain to your success you ask?

As our success mantra reads, one must combine all of these practices we have discussed thus far.  Consistency, Attitude, Integrity, Long-Term Action…  And on top of this, one must do so with Faith and a Burning desire.

Burning desire is less difficult to imagine.  As a child, it is likely that at some point we fancied something we wanted so badly.  A bicycle perhaps, new clothes, a barbie, and because of the burning desire to obtain said thing, we begged, convinced, even worked at whatever we could, (think lemonade stands and lawn mowing,) to get this object that we so badly craved.

THAT level of desire is the level of desire that must be adopted in the pursuit of your success trading.  If trading is just another means of cultivating a little bit of money for you, it is likely that the challenge of it will throw you off course and you will find an easier means to do so.

If truly having a skill set that allows you to use your computer and internet from anywhere in the world to effectively evaluate the FOREX market and place trades for profit can facilitate a dream of yours, then you will likely maintain the burning desire necessary to persevere.

So what about Faith?  Many have belief in a place where they need faith.

In short,

‘a man had a friend who was a gifted tight rope walker, and this gifted walker wanted to pull off a courageous stunt.  He decided to tight rope without a tether between two very tall buildings.  To make his stunt all the more difficult, he decided that he would also push a wheelbarrow on the tightrope from building to building.  The man practiced and practiced until he was ready to attempt his stunt and his big day came.  Just before he got ready to go, his friend and supporter displayed the biggest act of faith he could.  You see, for the friend to have belief would be for him to be there rooting his friend on, confident of his friends ability to cross the tight rope without falling.  Instead, he chose faith, and jumped in the wheelbarrow as a passenger.’

What is the metaphorical wheelbarrow for you in your trading journey, and if you haven’t reached that level yet, what can you do to inch closer?

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