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In my last blog I wrote about the Joy’s and freedoms of working remotely. If you missed it, read it here! This will give you a little better context of what I am writing about in this 5-Step process to finding the perfect remote job to keep you traveling and experiencing the world all while making money from your lap top.

Here is my 5-Step Process.

1.Find a job, skill, or way that you can actually do that will produce income without you physically needing to be there. – This is going to be your most difficult task. You may be saying to yourself “well I am a doctor, how could I possibly practice medicine from a laptop?” Well this comes down to how resourceful you want to be. My dad is doctor, a Podiatrist to be exact and he has been looking into what is known as “tele-medicine” which is basically on call and on demand video conferencing from doctors to patients. Say you have a foot problem, you go on the site, set an appointment, my dad would accept it, you are instantly connected, he gives you advice and recommendations and your done. The system charges the patients credit card and they go on their way. Booya, there is a way a doctor can work 100% remotely. You may be surprised what you find if you really start thinking of all the different ways you could monetize your skill sets right from a computer from anywhere in the world, don’t worry, we will get to that in number 2.

  1. Get really good with technology. – If you are going to have any chance at being an entrepreneur on the road, then you are going to have to get really good with leveraging technology and automation. What do I mean by this? Well put it this way, I can pretty much run all of my business from my iPhone. Everything from a CRM to a VOIP telephone system that allows me to communicate effortlessly through WIFI anywhere in the world. This means that if you are planning on getting into a business that has to ship “real” goods and logistics, as well as a customer service dept. will be necessary, then you are going to have your work cut out for you. I am not saying that it is impossible, just going to take a couple extra steps of strategic planning and utilization of technology that automates the process.
  2. Simple is better. – A good business is not necessarily a complex business. I would consider a solid business to be one that is profitable, allows you to live the life you desire, and takes care of its employees and its customers. Some of the best businesses that I know of were born out of the simplest ideas or needs by a consumer. Take for example the work we do at the FX365 Institute, we teach people how to trade currencies all over the world from office in San Diego. We have students in 20 U.S. States and 4 countries that take our course 100% remotely and learn a skill set that allows them to make money in the foreign currencies market anywhere in the world from a laptop.  Don’t overcomplicate this part. The less you need to run your business, the better off you will be.
  3. How much do you really need to make? My favorite part of explaining these concepts to people is conveying the fact that a business only needs to make you “enough” money in order for it to change your life. If you added up all of your expenses annually, and then added in the costs to live in another country or to travel a couple months out of the year I think you will be surprised to find that you don’t need to make $300K per year to achieve your goals. In fact, I have been able to travel about 2 months out of every year for the past decade making around $100k per year. The best part is that I only really needed about $60K to sustain, so any extra money that I make on top of my yearly nut goes in to savings and investments. This allows me to stay diversified, active inthe markets using online portfolio managers, and open to new ideas and businesses while I can keep the quality of life I have come to enjoy. The point is to make enough and then a little more. You don’t need to be a millionaire to pull this off.
  4. Multiple Streams of Income remotely –I know you have heard this one before, but maybe not through the lens of doing it remotely. Every book I have read on this topic is about real estate and multiple businesses that would require you to physically be somewhere to manage those streams. When you start to venture down the road of working remotely you start looking at businesses in a whole new light.

I have come up with a couple of questions that I use to test the remote possibilities of a business. These days, if they do not get passed these questions with a yes, then I am probably going a different direction. I wrote two articles that may give you more context when it comes to working remotely, follow the links below to check them out:

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Is your Income keeping up with your life? So here we go. In the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, economically, life was good for the ‘middle class.’ It was common to learn a trade that would be of value to your community, and, provided you stayed healthy and could work, this gave you some financial security. Many people also realized that if they sold their time and skill to a corporation during the advent of the union, the ‘company man,’ pensions and retirements could also create some economic certainty for them in their personal life. But alas, the world changed. Somewhere we went wrong. The masses soon became fixated on the notion that in order for things to be OK, the model of ‘success’ and ‘security’ that they were accustomed to needed to be repaired and preserved. I propose that the question that needed to be asked instead was not, ‘how can we go back to what worked?’ but ‘how can I develop a new income producing skill, one that could have an even higher level of security, flexibility & freedom?’ This is where trading FOREX enters. I can make no promises regarding the future of any economy having long-term sustainability. Anyone that is at all in ‘the know’ these days understands that ‘safe is the new risky.’ So you look at the idea of trading FOREX, and start to consider some of the factors of why this unconventional business endeavor could actually be your new SAFE. If ANY economy in the world crashes, it doesn’t matter to a FOREX trader, in fact it creates volatility and volatility creates opportunity. If there was an entire economic collapse in a country to the point where there was a true depression, no worries, the FOREX as a market is not reliant on one country the way that say the NYSE is. Worst case, you could just move to another country of your choosing and provided that they have internet and you have your software, you could open a foreign trading account and go on making money, business as usual. In fact, about the only scenario that would derail this interesting and misunderstood market, is the total collapse of the use of money at all anywhere in the world. We would have to revert to a complete world of trade and barter with no currency at all for that to happen. Or the internet would have to end. If that happens, I think its safe to say, we’ve got bigger issues. Now in our lifetimes is it likely that the economic landscape of countries as we know them presently could shift dramatically? Absolutely. Is it likely that money altogether is just going to end; along with computers and the internet? Very unlikely. So what would it mean to you in your life if you took the time to learn a new skill set that could create a new level of security? And while we’re at it, what if this skill set could compensate you geometrically so that inflation was no longer a threat to your quality of life? Is that something that would be worth the energy and effort? I say yes. Visit www.Forex365Institute.com to learn the new skill you could start earning with today!

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Society has us trained to believe there is only one way to make money. We have to get up early, and come home late. Miss our kid’s soccer games, and save up our vacation days to take a 3 day vacation an hour away from home and even then, we need to bring our laptops just so we don’t get too behind on our work load. I am happy to announce, this is only one way (and unfortunately the most common way) to make money. But it isn’t the only way. We don’t all have to be stuck in the same routine. If you want to travel the world, do it! And if you don’t feel well, take the week off! Forex Trading is a great way to make money. You can work while traveling the world or while your kids are in school. As long as you have a computer and access to the internet, you’re in business. This is why Forex Trading is becoming more popular, because it gives you the opportunity to live without having those work strings attached. You have freedom and control over your entire schedule. Sounds dreamy right?

So how do you get started? If you want to start your journey to being a professional trader, you should start at FX365i. The environment is very welcoming and open and the staff is very knowledgeable and experienced. They have an awesome classroom and daily live virtual feed for their students and if you look at their business model, you’d know they want their students to succeed.

Of course, I am speaking from an outside perspective. I am not a professional trader, in fact have not even started my course at FX365i. But, I have been interning for the company for a few months now and can confidently confirm that this institute is a community of genuine people who love what they do. Every time I walk into a room to someone I don’t know, they are more than eager to reach their hand out and have a conversation. What a great environment right!? That’s the kind of environment you want to be in to learn. One where people are friendly and where you feel comfortable to ask questions. And let me tell you, this is the place that meets all those criteria!

I am planning to go through FX365i after I finish school. I cannot wait to finally understand what a pip is and to really understand the market, and, of course I cannot wait to find out why everyone makes a big deal out of the psychology behind trading! I can tell from reading the blogs it’s going to be a long journey full of learning and hard work. But by keeping my goals in mind, hopefully one day I’ll be able to live the dream everyone is talking about!


Good Luck Traders!

Sierra Gay


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